Saturday, August 23, 2008

Who needs a waterproof camera? You do.

I have just returned from my grand hiatus and have lots of proof that waterproof cameras kick proverbial a*s. For example, check out this little video (with audio, no less) of bedload transport in Travertine Grotto:


High Plains rifter said...

Looks great! But why did you choose that particular make and model? I may be in the market for an upgrade, so inquiring minds want to know.

Dr. Jerque said...

Note: there is a better clip of the bedload on You Tube in my drpkhouse account.

I went for the Pentax because of price, size, and resolution. I also liked the overall design more than an Olympus that I checked out. Battery power isn't great, but the batteries are small and there are some longer-life versions (non-Pentax) available.

I nearly got a formal waterproof case for my Canon Digital, but it cost nearly as much as a new camera.

Now I have lugged this camera around in the field for a total of three weeks, I am quite happy with it overall. It is taking time to adjust to not having a view finder (more than once, I have crammed the thing up against my face), but this is minor in the end.